Nomis Technine Proform

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Post here if you are interested in purchasing something.  Make sure it is actually on the order form located here.  Note a lot of things in the catalogs are not on the orderform.  Also include the price.

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I want to order the Technine Icon series board, white, 157cm.

I would like the The Nomis Touch insulated jacket. Black plaid with white emboss, size Medium. $165.50

Do you think we'll be anywhere close to getting $1000?

we are at about $800 right now

cool cool. hey by the way is there any extra sweet shirts because mine has a hole in it?

I'm going to go with the Technine Split T white 157 instead on the icon.

Im going to get the simon signature shell jacket yellow buffalo the waterproof denim jean grey denim. 263$

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