Club Membership

Some perks of being a club member:

  • Free board waxing
  • Free lessons
  • Cheap board rentals from the club
  • Free give-aways
  • Club trips to Vermont and Quebec
  • Proforms (cheap stuff) from some of our sponsors
  • Discounts to Local Stores
  • CHEAP 7 Spring Season Passes
  • BURTON Outlet Discounts
  • Opportunity to get involved in THON
  • Good Friends
  • Rad Socials

In order to be member, you must:

1) Sign up on the site and fill out your Contact Information.

2) Dues (Cash) to the Penn State Snowboard Club

3) Print and fill out the Club Sports Participation Agreement. 

Email List

Sign up for our email list and get updates from us about meetings, trips, events, and dudes.

Simply send an email from your Penn State email address to

The system picks up the name and address from the e-mail headers. Add a subject, such as Add Me To The List and a short sentence in the body of the mail. This helps to let the mail through the spam filters.

Download Required Forms

Shot Of The Week
  • Tail Press
  • Team Manager John Farrell
  • Photo by: Alex Wyczalkowski