Alright everyone its that time of year to think boarding again.  Come out to 100 Thomas this Thursday night at 8PM for our first meeting to discuss all our upcoming events as well as our trips we run when the snow starts falling.  Print and fill out a 2011-2012 Club Sports Participation Form available on the 'Club' tab and bring $40 dues to sign up for the club. You'll get a free club t-shirt for signing up.  You must be a member of the club to go on any the trips for discounted rates.

We will be giving away some free gear from the club and sponsors and will let you know about the video premieres, giveaways, hayride, and office hours coming up. See you all Thursday! It will be the best club meeting you have all year.

Added on Sep 23, 2011 at 1:43 pm by NastyNate.

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