First Meeting

Well it's finally that time for the first meeting kiddies! We'll be discussing all the events and trips we have planned for the club this fall and the upcoming winter.  It's always a wild time, so come prepared to get weird. Sorry its late on a Thursday but It'll be worth your time.  Free product, possibly some contests, maybe a dance party.  Who knows what will happen! Just make sure you show up to 119 Osmond at 10PM on Thursday, September 30th.  Bring dues ($40) and your insurance card to join at the meeting.

This might have been the second meeting? But there was a Forum premiere. It was pretty cool.

A Core Competition for A New Foursquare Jacket.

And the dragon made a guest appearance

See you on Thursday!

Added on Sep 23, 2010 at 12:31 pm by NastyNate.

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