NEW Killington Room List!! Updated 12/3 - 7pm

Hey guys. Sorry we had to change the rooming list! The bus list will be posed by tomorrow morning. The officers will also have the bus and rooming list with them on the trip if you forget which room you are in/bus you are on. Please be on the bus and ready to leave the BJC at 3pm Friday. Keep in mind it may take bit to pack the buses with all of our boards and stuff. We will be stopping to get ourselves groceries for the weekend just before we get to Killington. We will also have some shirts as well as hand and foot warmers for sale. You also get your free Killington shirt on the bus! Let us know if you have any questions or concerns! (

Room 1

Clement, Zach

Dibello, Anthony

Farrell, John

Nalevanko, Nate

O'Neil, Collin

Wahcalskey, Alex

Weatherly, Steve

Jesse Muniz


Room 2

Barnoff, Kendall

Lehnerd, Drew

Mitchell, Will

DeLaurier, Magy

Shtub, Shai

Viscusi, Andrew

Winger, Nathan

Bert, Alex


Room 3

Chrystal, James

Glenn, Brock

Hudak, Jeff

Hurst, Kelly

Tuttle, Johnathan

Tomn, Mike

Vincent, Luke

Anderson, Murphy


Room 4

Haarmeyer, Cheri

Williams, Lauren

Liscinsky, Jennifer

Sileo, Marisa

Antonchak, Hannah

Kaiser, Elise

Stark, Madison

Unger, Amanda


Room 5

Haber, Rachael

Hefner, Sarah

Latos, Kara

Farrell, Alex

Klein, Lauren

Tonkonogy, Ada


Room 6

Calder, Jackie

Clayton, Courtney

Smith, Carly

Ecklund, Jenn

Ricainy, Kaitlyn

Dan Hubner


Room 7

Chwastiak, Brittany

Craig, Caitlin

Cummings, Kayla

Ward, Jennifer

Fulton, Serena

Petitt, Jenn


Room 8

Fazzini, Kristen

Richards, Kristin

Walsh, Jaclyn

Zychowicz, Lauren

 Taylor Wolff

Chicione, Sarah

Room 9

Davis, Ed

Giannone, AJ

Green, Justin

Grimm, Isaac


Room 10

Moyer, Todd

Schulze, Brandon

Brousseau, Ryan

Raggazino, Bobby


Room 11

Emami, Kaven

Hartman, Scott

Jefferson, Dave

Thompson, Chris


Room 12

Hermanson, Gage

Ramos, Brenden

Emerson, David

Emerson, Dow


Room 13

Casserly, Chris

Schultz, Bryan

Schultz, Justin

Ballard, Josh


Room 14

Bogart, Kim

Borchard, Suzie

Lindsay, Rachel

Morgan, Katie


Room 15

Hongchi, Zhang

Leskosky, Dan

Robertson, Pete

Baker, Chasen

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