Penn State Snowboard Club to be dissolved Summer 2009

My Dearest Club Members,

As you all may know, the recent economy has caused many struggles for many people.  Workers are getting laid off, and its harder for college grads to get a job than ever.  For many of us who are currently enrolled at a University, we may sometimes think that we are immune to the economy.  Well it turns out that is not completely true.  The economy has shown its wrath on us all.

So to cut to the point - and I deeply regret saying this - but it looks like there will no longer be a snowboard club at Penn State next year.  To be honest, we have seen this coming for awhile and we have tried to do everything in our power to fix the solution.  We even set up a hearing at club sports and asked for a buyout.  Erin rejected us just like Andre Iguodala on Jimmy Fallon. Well, the pork barrell spending is over.  The fact is there simply isn't any more money to support Penn State's biggest club sport. 

If there is a silver lining in all of this terrible news, it's that we managed to ensure that all of this year's officers will get their bonuses.




Alex Wyczalkowski


PS. April Fools

Added on Apr 1, 2009 at 1:33 pm by alexwycz.

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