Team Tryouts

Alright dudes, so I blew it this weekend and dropped the video camera case on my toe and couldn't snowboard at all in Killington.  I know this screwed up tryouts a little bit.  I heard some of you busters rode with the team for a while in the park though.  If you were one of those kids, or if you couldn't find anybody and just said fuck it, or whatever (basically, if you're still interested in the team), email me with your name and whatnot, and we are going to work out a day to all ride together at Big Boulder over Christmas break so we can get this stuff all settled.  The team will be decided before the Tremblant trip for sure though, we're not doing tryouts there.  Let me know dudes.

Added on Dec 8, 2008 at 12:00 pm by JohnPharrell.

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