Darkside Snowboard Deal Days, Dudes

The Penn State Snowboard Club is hooking up you guys again.  Looks like that $40 you paid at the beginning of the semester is a steal. This is a legit store that carries a lot of the same brands that sponsor us like Forum, Foursquare, Special Blend, Electric and more. 

So this deal is open to all club members.  The deal days are December 2-6th (Thurs-Sun), and you will get 20% off all items.  Read closely, as this is going to work differently for everyone depending on whether or not your are coming to Killington.

Club Members coming to Killington:
We will be stopping at Darkside Snowboard Shop during our stay at Killington.  Everyone with a Penn State ID will receive 20% off anything in in the store.  We may or may not do a shuttle with our charter bus Saturday evening, depending on our bus situation.  Either way, there are village shuttles that go from our condos into town so you can stop by yourself. 

Everyone Else:
We will give you a promotional code that you can use on their website, www.darksidesnowboards.com. Once you check out the website and get the code, you can purchase anything online for 20% off on December 2-6th.`

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