NOMIS and Technine Proforms Update

List what you want on the Forum here. Include the price. Make sure it is on the order form at the bottom.

** We are re-opening the Nomis and Technine proforms to the entire club. Our minimum order has changed to $1000, so if you are still interested in getting something, get it back to us asap.

We now have proforms available from NOMIS and Technine. Theres some decent deals on here. I saw a board for $160. Between the 2 companies you can get your board, bindings, outerwear, and more accessories than you can shake a stick at. At the bottom you will see links to the different Technine and NOMIS catalogs, as well as the order form with prices.

Heres how its gonna work. Its a bulk deal so were gonna do 1 big order as a club. The due date for orders is Thursday November 20. Remember to add 6% sales tax to the order, and a $5 warehouse fee (if the club's total order is over $2500, the fee will be waved, and you will get your $5 back). You can pay cash or check to "Penn State Snowboard Club".

Here are the catalogs:


Nomis Outerwear

Nomis Fall Wear

These are pretty large files, so you can also go to the companies website if you're super antsy.

Here is the order form with prices. Print it out and bring it to us:

Download Order Form


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