PSSC Team Goes to Woodward

This past Sunday, the team headed out to Woodward to do some skating and check out these weird new things called rollerboards.  Thanks to former PSSC President and now Woodward employed Kyle Barnoff, the team was able to have one of the buildings all to themselves. Along with the plethora of skate features, there was also a foam pit where they tried out some flips, spins, twirls, and grabs.



The rollerboards are kinda like a skateboard but it has bindings so it feels alot like a snowboard.  


All in all a pretty sweet day.  Stay tuned this winter for when the team starts thowing down their tricks on snow.


Check out all of the photos on our gallery page.

Added on Sep 15, 2008 at 12:41 pm by alexwycz.

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