Rules of Dodgeball

These are the rules established my the National Amateur Dodgeball Association (NADA)

  • The game will began with all players in position touching their respective back walls/line.  At sound of the whistle, players will rush to the center to pick up the dodgeballs.  The balls must then be touched to the back wall/line before being thrown at the opposing team.
  • To eliminate a player you must hit him/her with a ball or catch a ball he/she has thrown before the ball has touched the floor or walls.  A throw that hits more than one player before touching the ground or wall or being caught eliminates all hit players and the thrower shall be regarded as AWESOME! 
  • Once a player is hit he/she must sit on the sidelines for the remainder of the round. 
  • If a player catches a live ball, the thrower is “out” and everyone hit by the thrown ball remains “in”. Also, any player from the catcher’s team may reenter the game. Players must reenter in the order in which they were eliminated.
  • Players may leave their court to retrieve loose balls.  They may reach over center line, but no part of their body may touch their opponents side of the court. Violators are ELIMINATED!!!
  • A match will consist of three rounds; best of three wins the match. The team who eliminates all of their opponents wins the round.

Most importantly, there is no crying in dodgeball.  We are all adults and are able to withstand mild shots to the head with small, FOAM balls.  Because we are no longer in 6th grade, HEAD SHOTS COUNT!

The NADA insists all contestants show respect to and obey the referees at all times.  They are there to ensure the safety of all players, and to do otherwise would be really really lame.  


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