Stowe Trip Info

Hey Everyone! We've got most of the details for the Stowe Trip. Here's a rundown:

- March 28-30

- $275 includes lodging, transportation, 2 days lift

First Deposit of $150 due Feb 7th

Check the trips page for additional details once they become available. Also, don't forget about Tussey Tuesdays! We will be kicking it off on Tuesday 1/22. There is a CATA bus leaving from East Halls every weekday, so check out the schedule for that one. It should be the Boalsburg bus. If you have no other way to get there, we will be shuttling people from the parking lot at Shields building at 5:30pm so get there on time if you need a ride. Hope lots of you can make it out!

Added on Jan 21, 2008 at 10:36 pm by JasonAdmin.

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