The Boot Project

Yo whats up everyone.  Mark Sullivan(Founder of Snowboard Mag) has been working on a new project lately.  It's called The Boot Project, the name explains it all.  Basically what it is, is a website based solely on participant feedback.  You just go on make an account and start giving your input on what you think makes the best snowboard boot.  The more you are active on the site the more "points" you earn.  Points get you free stuff like Snowboard Mag T-shirts, Fitted hats, and a ton of other product.  I encourage everyone to check it out and make an account.  He has been helping us out with some sponsorship stuff this year, so the more love we give him, the more love he will give our club.  So check it out!  Peace

Added on Oct 3, 2007 at 11:47 pm by Joe.

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