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Hey Everyone,

I'm so stoked to see that you have all begun using the site so heavily over the past week or two. It's amazing to see how quickly it picked up! I wanted to let you know of a few features that I have rolled out over the past 2 days. I think you have probably seen a few of them, but I wanted to point them out in case you missed them. I have added a more robust profile/contact information system. There is now 2 parts to the "profile". The actual profile, which has information that everyone can see, and then there is the contact information. This contact information is designed primarily for club use and for our records. However, I have made the option of making ur contact information "public" so that others on the site can see. I have also added the ability to have icons, which will eventually be used in the new forums that I hope to build shortly. You can upload your own icon from your My PSSC page. 

    I have also added the headlines archive, where you can view all of the old news entries. I have added the Message History area where you can see a history of all your messages (sent and received) since you created your account. I will be enhancing this area shortly so that you can do sorting and filtering on your messages.

    Lastly, i have added a Club Members page which lists all of hte members currently enrolled on our site. You can view this by checking out the  bottom of the online list (Under Newest Members) you should see a "See All" link. Click that.

    As always, please try to use firefox when browsing the site for the time being. I have been working hard to get better support for IE7 and IE6 but it's not really there yet. 

    Thanks for everything and I hope you guys and girls are enjoying the new site so far!


Added on Aug 16, 2007 at 2:01 am by JasonAdmin.

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